Xbox Series X games with the best graphics

Ever since the original Xbox hit the market to compete with the PlayStation, the two systems have been more or less at a graphical impasse. Yes, the Xbox One suffered slightly behind the PS4, but with this generation, Microsoft decided to split the difference and give players two choices to upgrade to the next generation. There’s the Xbox Series S, which can run all the games the X can, only with slightly lower visual fidelity, while the Xbox Series X doesn’t sacrifice any graphics or performance.

Despite an uneven release schedule from first-party studios, the Xbox Series X has built up an impressive library of visually stunning games. Many games here could even be mistaken for actual footage or images, and yet they are fully playable on this powerful console. Visually showing off what your new console can bring out is always a treat, so if you’re looking for a handful of games that will make any viewer’s jaw drop, here are our picks for some of the Xbox Series X games with the best graphics.

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