Want to see your designs and graphics on Mumbai Metro trains? Discover this opportunity

train decal | Photo: Mumbai Metro One

Bombay: Have you ever thought of any innovative and artistic design or graphics that Mumbai metro trains should have? This is your chance to turn your creative ideas into reality. Mumbai Metro One has called on citizens to participate in the Majhi Metro 2022 initiative and submit their “train decals” with designs they would like to see on the metro.

“We think our trains need a refresh or a new face, so the theme for Majhi Metro 2022 is the ‘Train Decal’ design. Decals or body graphics are what give a vehicle character We are looking for talent to give a fresh perspective on the ‘character’ of Mumbai Metro One trains. We would like Mumbaikars to design their own metro, thus proving Majhi Metro,” Mumbai Metro One spokesperson said.

Designs can be submitted through the Mumbai One website. The public can also enter the contest by scanning the QR codes shared on Mumbai Metro’s social media handles. The submission process started earlier this week and the deadline for submissions is November 18. After the competition, an exhibition will be held to showcase the best designs and congratulations of the winners will be held, officials said.

“The most inspiring and motivating design will receive an award and be executed on our train fleet,” the spokesperson said. The new metro train with the selected sticker will be announced on December 27.

A decal is an image that can be transferred onto a surface. It gives character to the vehicle. Photo: Mumbai Metro One

Hundreds of people have participated in the Majhi Metro festival every year since its launch in 2013. Over the years, Metro One has received more than 100,000 different artistic creations. Some of them have been installed in Metro One stations. Now is your chance. Put on your creative hats and get a chance to make a name for yourself.