Twitter rolls out community building and tests 1080p video uploads

Twitter started out as a very basic social media platform for sharing ideas and news across no more than 140 characters. The service started to evolve slowly, bringing new features and increasing the character limit in the process. Lately, the company has introduced many new changes, some of which are exclusive to Blue Twitter the subscribers. For example, Laboratories is a new section for paid users only, where the company is testing beta features. The latest addition to Laboratories support 1080p video upload to desktop website. Paid mobile users will eventually have access to this addition at a later date. Other than that, Twitter is rolling out Community creation to all users — paid or not. Previously, those who wanted to create a Community had to complete and submit a form to the company.

Community creation

We discovered a new plus (+) icon in the Communities tab – both on mobile and desktop. This button allows users to create a new Community by providing a name and an optional purpose. It is still unclear if this is a regional or global rollout. However, we were able to spot this change in several countries on different platforms. This eliminates the need to submit a request to Twitter and wait for approval.

Creation of the Twitter community 1

Those who received this feature through this server-side deployment will see a new banner stating that the wait is over. For strangers, a Community is similar to a Facebook group. When a user joins one, they can tweet to other members of the same Community. Interestingly, these tweets do not appear on a user’s profile/timeline. They are simply exclusive to the Community they were affected.

1080p video downloads

In the last Laboratories experiment, Twitter is testing the ability to download 1080p videos from the desktop website. For now, this feature is only available to Blue subscribers. So if you’re a free user, you’re out of luck right now. It’s unclear if the company will eventually release it to non-Blue users, and it’s hard to guess about that. However, paid mobile users are almost guaranteed to have access to it later, as there are traces of the feature in the mobile app.

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