Tik Tok Ad Company launches content creation guide

User-generated content is the next hottest thing. Here’s how to create the best content

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, USA, April 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lauren Labeled today announced User Generate Content Creator Getting Started Guide, an interactive resource to teach budding creators how to create effective content that businesses can use in their Tik Tok ad campaigns and on social media.

User-generated content is a hot topic among businesses and advertisers right now, as it overturns the influencer marketing and advertising we’re used to. UGC is a more organic and less branded type of content. Looks like a regular person just picked up their phone to film a product they love. The huge appeal is how seamlessly it fits into people’s social media experience and doesn’t immediately feel like it’s being sold. UGC ads usually don’t even look like ads.

Most people generally think that in order to work with brands to create content and get paid, you have to be an influencer. Influencers are responsible for creating the content and distributing it to an audience they have grown. However, what often gets overlooked is that tons of businesses need content that they can use on their own pages and in their own ad campaigns. This is where the creators of UGC come in. Their job is to create content and then push it to the brand for them to use.

The problem most companies face when trying to source content talent is that the quality is lacking…

The UGC Getting Started Guide is a 29-page guide that includes fill-in text boxes and checkboxes as well as overview videos to teach people how to create quality content that performs well for brands.

“The demand for new advertising content that integrates with the platform is incredibly high. The best companies are already reaping the rewards while smart companies are taking steps to invest in quality content,” says Lauren Mabra, co-founder of Lauren Labeled “We’re trying to bridge the gap between companies that need great content and creators who can get the job done.”

This guide will cover:
• Content creation best practices
• Our top picks of tools and resources to make your life easier
• How to find and schedule videos
• Scenario model
• How to create a UGC wallet without experience
• Website Essentials
• Shooting and editing (including our favorite tools to use)
• Pricing and invoicing
• Social growth and getting your first client
• Additional resources and video tutorials

The UGC Getting Started Guide will be available on April 8 for $249. For more information on the guide, visit laurenlabeled.com

About Lauren Labeled: Lauren Labeled creates ads that are featured in Tik Tok Top Ads to inspire other advertisers. Lauren Labeled is an ad creative company that creates user-generated style ads for e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands to resonate with audiences, build trust, and drive conversions.

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