This wrapping machine makes it easy to create wire harnesses

Many products require the use of wire harnesses, which are essentially wire harnesses that connect one subsystem to another, such as a car engine’s sensors to the ECU. DIY projects may also need it, but having to manage the wiring without tangles or unwanted bends can be a challenge.

YouTuber Mr. Innovative has created a simple wire harness wrapping machine which takes the user’s band choice and quickly spins it around the packet. He started by cutting the base and the fixed ring in plywood before milling the rotating “C” disc in acrylic. Once these parts were strapped together and a set of bearings/pulleys added around the moving disc, a timing belt was looped over one half to a waiting stepper motor.

This motor is responsible for the rapid rotation of the band around the harness inside the disc, and it is controlled by a Arduino Nano. Wiring has been simplified through the use of a custom PCB, which contains inputs for power and enable, an A4988 stepper motor driver board, and additional power management circuitry .

All in all, this project turns the otherwise tedious process of bundling multiple cables into a much more efficient process by simply hitting a limit switch. You can see the project in more detail below.