The new creation of the talented musician Wrené, “Dark Matter”, takes the public on an irreplaceable journey

Author: Hughes Nelson

Toronto singer-songwriter Wrené achieves cosmic brilliance in terms of singing and music-making with her new EDM-infused pop-rock EP, “Dark Matter.”

Mtalented singer-songwriter Wrene has once again mesmerized their fans with their latest release, a 4-track EP, Black matter. The EP features lyrical introspection combined with a heavy but out-of-this-world resonance that gives the songs a unique and quirky edge. The brilliant acoustic experience of the opening track, “Hideous”, offers an in-depth look at issues such as shame, self-loathing and sexual repression. Inspired by traumatic life experiences, the song is meant to resonate with people going through tough times in their lives. “White Walls” explores emotional issues such as self-isolation, emotional segregation, and a natural desire to belong and flourish through its eloquent lyrical illustration.


The gifted artist has established a soundscape that shatters all the norms and limits of conventional music. Armed with her exceptional singing abilities, Wrene has another unorthodox collection of songs with his EP, ‘Black matter’. Her haunting vocals mixed with an extraordinary electronic cadence, unusual synth and exemplary guitar riffs in the songs “Exile” and “Dark Matter” make the EP so special. Each song represents their truest emotions and beliefs through their incredible sounds and expressive storytelling. Listen to his music on Spotify. To visit him website and follow her on instagram for more updates on his upcoming work.

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