The groundbreaking Zagutachie mesmerized viewers with its stunning new graphics

Zagutachie is the 1st anti-establishment NFT artist, speaking out against the establishment, martial laws, tyranny and other evils in society. He is the 1st NFT Artist to illustrate against the evils of society, 1st NFT Artist who speaks for women’s rights, 1st NFT Artist who speaks against tyranny, injustice. He is the 1st NFT artist who speaks for transgender people, who speaks for a better living condition for farmers. He is the 1st artist who openly accepts the failure of the existing centralized economic system and openly supports the decentralized crypto-economy model.

He is the first NFT artist who speaks through his NFT via legend art against establishment, martial laws and against tyranny.

He illustrates different aspects of our socio-economic system in his NFTs. He is a big critic of our existing economic system, where governments totally control wealth, and a proponent of the decentralized crypto economic model, where instead of governments, people will control the distribution of wealth without government interference.

His NFT art is absolutely different from the existing NFT art in that all of his NFTs are different from each other; each NFT illustrates a different topic with a fixed message via captioning.

Zagutachie’s art is different, he designed each different NFT with another., each NFT represents a socio-economic subject, according to the artist, there is no point in making thousands of useless AVTAR images without any purpose or meaning , he describes his art as meaningful and logical.

Zagutachie’s digital art is on the cutting edge of women’s rights, black rights, gender equality, free speech, farmers rights, transgender/LGBT, children with special needs , positive thinking, anonymous creator, who speaks only through his social media platform and website.

It relies on NFT art to create stunning “All are equal based on a theme” artwork

Critics describe Zagutachie’s art as emotionally complex, what he tries to convince or what he tries to deliver, all his NFT art shows his anger towards the establishment and the demons of society. He is very optimistic about Metaverse and considers it a safe haven.

His NFTs aggressively illustrate sentiments against oppression, tyranny and the establishment. Her NFTs are open about freedom of speech, media freedom and women’s rights (gender equality)

He sees the existing economic system, where fiat is the base currency, as a flop system as this system has failed to ensure an equal distribution of wealth, Zagutachie sees Crypto as a friendly system.

Zagutachie’s NFTs illustrate that ordinary people should be the center of power and marshals and generals should not have enough power to seize governments, he considers this tyranny.

The artist is against the establishment’s abuse of power, which he has illustrated in his digital paintings. Zagutachie’s NFTs are a new trend in NFTs and a revolutionary way to convey meaningful messages of equality through NFTs.

Here are Zagutachie’s four digital charts:

Oooz,,,,, heroes, Sheros and Zeros

This fascinating digital art titled “Oooz” illustrates three trees, the first tree represents “Nelson Mandela”, this tree has a red dot, this red dot represents the results the world will see, he was a true “hero”

2n/a the tree in the graphic represents “Aung San Suu Kyi”, who is in detention, her struggle will pave the way for a democratic society, the orange dot represents the results of her struggle, she is a real “Shero”

3rd the tree represents “Vladimir Putin” due to his dictatorship this tree is unable to produce a fruitful result, he is the real zero, so the hero, the shero and the zero all in one picture

The establishment keeps us in a cage

The establishment keeps us in a cage

You call it establishment, or tyranny, or evil, under this dictatorship, people are suffering, even if they are not in detention, their minds are being captured, Zagutachie illustrated this in his digital art.

The establishment is not the bandage of the system, it is in itself a disease

The establishment is not the bandage of the system, it is in itself a disease

Zagutachie illustrated in this image, that when you are under the influence of establishment, the reduction of the tax burden is necessary to produce economic growth.

Black people

Black people

Black people are as equal as white people even all human beings are equal regardless of color, race or religion, black people should not be treated differently, simply “All equal”

This artist is changing the whole NFT era.

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