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It’s time to build a website. Options on how to build it include using a website builder or hire a designer to do the job. Both have their pros and cons, and either can be a fantastic option, depending on the goals and abilities of the website owner. Which is the best option? There is a lot to consider before making a decision, including the following.

If you need speed

When speed is a concern, a website builder is the best option. Working with a designer takes at least three to four weeks due to all the back and forth involved. There is no getting around this, as the web designer needs to know what the website will look like, what information needs to be included in it, etc. With a website builder, it is possible to choose a template, add content, and get the website ready to go live in minutes.

If you need a custom code

For more complex websites, custom code may be required. Some website builders allow the implementation of custom code, but it is essential that the website owner knows how to code or is able to learn. It’s a lot to learn, so it might not be practical without previous experience. Still, in most cases, a website builder will work well because of the tools available to handle any forms or other aspects that the website needs to have. If custom code is needed, working with a website developer may be a better idea.

If you want custom designs

Custom designs may be needed to ensure the branding matches the business or website purpose. Website owners may be able to do this on their own, depending on their experience and what they already have available for the job. Depending on the layout of the website, it may be possible to choose a template and make adjustments until it’s perfect. Otherwise, it might be a good idea to work with a professional web developer as they can help you create custom designs.

If you want low costs

When budget is a concern, the clear winner is a website builder. Today’s website builders are inexpensive to use, even with the highest plan. Some website builders offer additional savings if the plan is prepaid annually instead of monthly. With a web designer, costs can quickly be higher than expected, especially if the website requires special features or if additional changes are needed before it’s ready to go live.

If you want full control

Full control allows the website owner to make sure everything looks exactly the way they want it to be. While working with the web designer helps control the appearance of the website, there may be restrictions on what the website owner can request or how many changes can be made without incurring additional costs. . With a website builder, the owner can make an unlimited number of changes and make sure everything is exactly the way they want before the website goes live.

Are you ready to build a website? If you are considering using a website builder or hiring a website designer, the best option is probably to use a builder. Unless you are designing an incredibly complex website with a significant amount of custom code, the website builder will allow you to build an amazing website that has everything you need and looks like you want. Start working with a website builder today to learn more about how easy it is to build your own website right now.

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