Seth Rogen shares his new creation, it’s a limited edition Gloopy ashtray

The Vancouver comedian, actor and filmmaker is more than his humor, his charms and his signature laugh! He is the owner of “Houseplant”, a cannabis and interior design company. Guess what? He just created a Gloopy ashtray. Read on to find out more.

Seth’s Gloopy Ashtray

Seth Rogen took to Instagram to post his new creation. He just created a multicolored gloopy ashtray and fans are going crazy for it. In the video, Seth was seen sporting similar gloopy nail art as he shared his most recent creation.

The Primetime Emmy Award winner wrote in his post, I glooped! An elevated Seth was seen smoking a doobie as he displayed his skills. The 40-year-old director and writer placed his J on the creative ashtray where there is a suitable medium to place it.

After placing it, Seth says: “I worked tirelessly on the Gloopy ashtray. Easy gloop. That’s why there are 325 of these ashtrays, each with a size and number certificate… That’s why it took me so long. But then it’s worth it…”

Well, it’s a limited edition ashtray. It has a gloopy texture and sky blue and green tones, all pastel. Although I couldn’t take my eyes off the funky nail art Seth got especially for the video.

One fan jokingly wrote, “Does this come with one of these nails?” while the other fan wrote, Seth i need this in my life. Katie Marks, who is a Seattle-based artist, wrote,They are radiant! it was a long time ago !!”

FYI, Seth’s gloopy nail art is done by Nails ByMei, a nail art company run by a Japanese artist based in New York City. She commented, Thank you for making me create your ashtray 💅 nails🫡🌳🫠 this ashtray is so beautiful 🤩”

Want to know more about the Gloopy ashtray?

In a previous interview, he revealed that the company would be releasing a Gloopy ashtray. The Gloopy ashtray is prepared with particular emphasis on the fusion of design and functionality. You’ll trip over it because that’s the whole point. Here is how he explained his new creation:

“I wanted to do something that was outwardly psychedelic, that was really trippy and fun to hold and handle.”

it includes a roller match striker with an ashtray, an aluminum carrying case with a hidden grinder and a lighter wrapped in a green leather case. This is a real hand cast resin ashtray with an ombré design and more.

Dipped in a vibrant shade of green, the ashtray’s hues are personally developed by Rogen and you can see the finish is done with bulbous sky blue pieces.

“I wanted to do something that was outwardly psychedelic, that was really trippy and fun to hold and handle,” Rogen said. If you are looking to have this funky yet functional ashtray, hurry as there are only 325 pieces available.

Where to find it?

The Houseplant website has not updated the details of this gloopy ashtray. The sale is set to go live on the website on Tuesday, April 26 for Early Access recipients only. If there are still units available, the ashtray will be made available to the general public the following day.

Registrations are available for early access on the House Plants Website. Now, if you are not able to grab this funky piece, you can check out other items available on this website, because they are also worth buying! What do you think of Seth’s new creation?