Scottish Lay Network – Season of Creation 2022

The Synodal Submission of the Scottish Lay Network was the product of 50 zoom events that sought to reflect on the “signs of the times” and discern what the Spirit was saying to us. However, preparing a synodal submission was not the purpose of our events, rather it was about discerning, in a synodal way, “what it means to be disciples of Jesus in today’s world through listening and the response to the cry of the poor, the cry of the Oppressed and of all those forced to the margins of society, and the Cry of the Earth”.

With regard to the climate emergency, we recommended that:

– The Church fully supports and engages with those who provide clear evidence of the climate catastrophe affecting our planet and everyone and everything that lives on it.

– All dioceses are committed to ensuring that parishioners are aware of the teaching of the Church in relation to the climate emergency and the need for us, especially those who live in countries that contribute the most to climate change, to change our way of life and to demand that our governments take the radical measures necessary to establish a just and sustainable economy.

– As a Church, we are offering a 2022 Season of Creation program that is part of our response to these specific recommendations.

Thursday, September 1
Our Common Home ~ Privilege and Responsibility
Companion ~ Nellie McLaughlin

Thursday, September 8
Fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment:
Facing climate, conflict and cost of living crises »
Companion ~ James Buchanan

Thursday September 15
The reality of climate change in Malawi
Companion ~ Chimwemwe Nyambose Ndhlovu

Thursday September 22
Support us on our journey
Companion ~ Chris Johnstone

All sessions are on zoom 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. [UK Time] and everyone is welcome.

For more details on our companions, please download the program below.

We are also happy to share resources for the Season of Creation curated by Laudato Si’ Leaders and Eco Groups – Scotland:

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