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Over 30 years ago, Assistant General Superintendent Rick DuBose received a vision that has impacted his prayer life ever since and also inspired the establishment of the Assemblies of God World Prayer Center in Springfield, Missouri.

DuBose says that in his study of the Bible he noticed that in Mark 9:28,29where the disciples could not cast an evil spirit out of a boy, Jesus said that only through prayer could “that kind” of spirit be cast out.

“In Greek, the word Jesus used for prayer in this case refers to a place of prayer, a prayer group, an altar, or a meeting place,” DuBose explains. “It’s another level of prayer.” Then, several months ago, it hit him – the Assemblies of God in the United States had no “place” of prayer, where people could gather to pray specifically for the Assemblies of God as well as for other lives, or potentially, that change the world. Needs. The idea of ​​a World Prayer Center was born.

Since that time, and with the approval of the Executive Consistory, the idea has steadily moved into the realm of reality. DuBose connected with AG evangelist Joe Odenknown for his passion for reaching the lost and his dedication to prayer, to lead the center as National Director of Prayer and Evangelism beginning in mid-April as an American missionary, with plans to fully open the World Prayer Center this summer.

Oden says God really started preparing him for this position in 2018 when he came to pray at the GA national office for three days and again during the COVID lockdown.

“Throughout COVID, I have been struck by Acts 1:14 – how the apostles dedicated themselves to prayer,” says Oden. “This verse jumped me off the page. . . I began to study the prayers of the Apostles. . . prayer defined the Apostles and every miracle was linked to prayer.

Although he has been a person of prayer since his salvation at the Brownsville Revival, Oden says he was about to go in another direction in his life when God stopped him in his tracks. Assistant General Superintendent Rick DuBose, with whom Oden ministered in North Texas, called to offer him the job at the new World Prayer Center.

“God’s grace and peace fell on me like a blanket,” Oden says, “and I accepted the job that day.”

As Oden moves to southwest Missouri, key features of the World Prayer Center are still being worked on, including a 20-by-30-foot LED map showcasing an image of the world being built with material resistant to the dance floor so that people can walk on it. A highlight is that the LED map/floor will also be linked to Google Maps.

“We will be able to control which part of the world appears on the map with Google Maps,” says DuBose. “If we want to pray for the world, this image can be displayed; if for a certain country, then the image of this country; if for a district, a community or even an individual church, we can display this image on the LED floor and do a prayer walk around or even in this place.

The center also has a large flat stone prayer wall for people following company prayer times, where people can pray for their personal needs, write their prayer requests on a piece of paper, place the piece of paper in the cracks of the wall, and also pull out someone else’s request and pray for that need.

“In addition to developing an internet presence where people around the world can pray and ask for prayer,” DuBose explains, “we are working with our districts to have each district take one week a year and have one church a day, Monday Saturday, from this district, come to the prayer center to pray for the needs of the world, the country, their community and their church, and the Assemblies of God.

However, Oden says the prayer center will not be a static ministry. In addition to district involvement, its goal is to raise 100 prayer missionaries who will create a “furnace” of prayer in Springfield, uplifting in prayer everything from another great revival to a prayer canopy over the entire Movement.

“Of these prayer missionaries, we want to send four to six to a local church or region to equip the church 10 days before an evangelist arrives, praying 24/7,” says Oden. “Then I will come to do relationship and power evangelism training, followed by encounter services at this local church.” Oden plans to train other evangelists to hold the services as well.

With fundraising underway, center upgrades underway, and staff being built, DuBose believes the Global Prayer Center will be poised to begin ministry in earnest this summer while continuing to work on the coordinating district and church involvement and Oden building his team. .

Until then, the center holds organized prayer times for AG employees at 6:30 a.m., general prayer times organized at 11:30 a.m. and evening prayers for Ukraine at 6 p.m. on weekdays.