Newegg Launches – An Online Graphics Card Shopping Resource

Newegg Commerce, Inc., Reveals the Launch of, a New Graphics Card Research and E-Commerce Site to Help Consumers Determine the Best Graphics Card Options for Gaming PC Builds or Users Seeking to upgrade to a new GPU.

New e-commerce and resource website includes customization features to help users select the best graphics card for their gaming PC is designed as a graphics card-focused vertical platform, where consumers can learn about the latest graphics cards and filter GPUs on the website based on various elements, such as price, manufacturer, memory type and size. Customers can also view graphics card frame rates for each available model, processor information, monitor resolution, and physical size to help find the best graphics card for their gaming PC rig. Newegg has also included a comparison tool that allows customers to evaluate two graphics cards side-by-side to understand dimensions, frame rate, and price differences. Newegg also says that a list of top-selling GPUs and the ability to filter by price or top rating are also available.

When it first appeared, the website focused on Newegg’s partner brands, such as ASRock, ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte, and MSI. You’ll also notice in the screenshot below that you can click to see the best-selling cards as well as what’s currently on sale at Newegg.

Image source: Newegg

The website offers a full assortment of products for the latest GPUs, including the NVIDIA RTX 30 series and AMD Ryzen 6000 series, while showing additional graphics cards at Newegg. simplifies the shopping experience for many of our customers who specifically buy GPUs only and need resources to make informed decisions to upgrade their gaming PC builds. Customers spend a lot of time to research GPUs on the Internet, including performance details and prices. We’re reducing customer hassle and frustration by providing a streamlined resource with this new personalized shopping site.

— Jim Tseng, Director of Product Management for Newegg.

While customers can still find the same GPU inventory on, the new e-commerce site complements Newegg’s leading store site and streamlines shopping by focusing on a market that currently needs it. users can view GPU details and complete purchase via

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