NCLUDE to Shine a Light on Creating Inclusive Classroom Spaces | Nebraska today

The Nebraska Learner Community – Understanding Diversity Through Education, will host its second and final meeting for the spring semester on April 4, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. via Zoom.

For this virtual session, Arden Eli Hill will discuss how he sets semester expectations for inclusion with pre-semester handouts and activities, as well as his work with the William H. Thompson Scholars Program to help prepare instructors. discuss diversity in the classroom. . Hill will showcase her promising practices and allow time for audience questions and discussion about inclusive classroom environments. The meeting is welcome to all.

While curating and disseminating academic content are equivalent tasks undertaken by instructors at the university, instructors must also work to shape a classroom culture that facilitates learning for their diverse students. However, fostering an inclusive classroom environment in which the identity of all students is respected is not an easy task. This session will emphasize the use of inclusive language materials, activities and expectations to lay the foundation for respectful classroom environments. Registrations are now open on the NCLUDE website.

Arden is a Gaffney Prize/Academy of American Poets winner who has published in Willow Springs, Western Humanities Review, Kaleidoscope, Breath and Shadow, the award-winning Lambda Literary anthology First Person Queer, its sequel, Second Person Queer, and more recently, Trendy mom. His sci-fi poem, “None of Star Trek’s ships are named after Confederate generals,” is forthcoming with Strange Horizons, and his debut collection, “Bloodwater Parish,” is forthcoming with Seven Kitchens Press.

NCLUDE has been a space to cultivate conversations and experiences that will foster ongoing learning and engagement around diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Nkenge Friday, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives . “With our final session of the academic year, we hope to impart to our community strategies and practices that speak for inclusive learning environments. We also welcome conversations about the strategies employed by community members, because it is through sharing that we truly manifest cultures of belonging.

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