Intel’s first custom ARC A380 graphics card officially listed in China for 3999 RMB (595 USD)

Intel Arc A380 custom board debuts at RMB 3,999

GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon is the world’s first custom graphics card based on the Intel Xe-HPG/DG2 architecture. This model has just been put on sale in China.

The Photon graphics card is a custom design with a dual fan cooling solution. This model is factory overclocked with a boost up to 2450 MHz and a TDP increased to 92W (instead of 75W). On the Intel JD online store, you can find the GUNNIR graphics card listed at 3999 RMB (~595 USD) with VAT. This offer is currently unavailable as the item is sold out and awaiting shipment.

GUNNIR Arc A380 Photon OC, Source: JD

Just yesterday we reported that the official A380 benchmark specs have changed. Intel has quietly updated its website to list 15.5 Gbps of memory instead of 16 Gbps as it was stated on launch date. This means the GUNNIR board has benchmark memory specs after all.

Interestingly, Intel has confirmed that the launch of the Arc A380 desktop graphics card in June is limited to pre-built systems only. Moreover, you can only buy A380 GPUs on the Chinese site, because officially no other store is authorized to sell these cards yet.

For the initial launch in China in June 2022, customers can get a pre-built system with Arc exclusively through, which has a warranty page.

— Intel on Arc A380 warranty

Therefore, the offer above is already outside the limits of Intel’s announcement, as this card is sold separately. There are no other deals with the A380 currently available, which means there is no other way to buy the A380 at 1030 RMB (the official MSRP in China).

Source: JD, Intel