Intel unveils Arc Pro Workstation graphics cards at SIGGRAPH – Techgage

We may still be waiting for Intel’s gaming-grade Arc desktop GPUs to arrive on these shores, but the company has made it clear that it plans to cover the entire market in depth before long – from the home to business. At SIGGRAPH, the company just unveiled Arc GPUs that focus on another track: the workstation. This announcement brings a mobile GPU, along with two desktop GPUs, all branded Arc Pro.

For the desktop, Intel will offer both an Arc Pro A40 and an Arc Pro A50. The smaller of the two, A40, is a single-slot low-profile board that doesn’t require a power connector, while the A50 is a bit larger, forgoes the low-profile design, and fills two slots. . It’s not clear if the A50 needs a power cable, as that side of the board isn’t pictured, but at 75W we imagine it could accept a six-pin.

On the Arc Pro landing page, it is noted that the A50 has “more TFLOPS” than the A40, but the comparison specs page does not list any difference between them other than the increased TDP of the A50. We have sent a request to Intel for clarification on the discrepancy.

Given the similar specs on the page linked above, we’re not quite sure if the rest of the specs are correct, so we’re leaning towards waiting for official word. Since these newer GPUs tend to align better with Arc 3 than a higher-end series, it seems likely that both SKUs will include 6GB of GDDR6 memory, spec’d at 192GB/s. Ultimately, such specs won’t tell us too much until we can compare Arc cards to the competition.

With its built-in AV1 encoder, these Arc Pro cards could be really appealing to the content creator on a budget. The 6GB framebuffer should be enough for most 4K workloads, with any real limitations being on overall performance, if a number of GPU-accelerated effects are applied.

At this point, we’re just eager to get our hands on Arc and start experimenting with both gaming and creative workloads. While it’s no surprise that Arc Pro includes additional workstation-focused optimizations than gaming counterparts, from what we’re seeing from the competition, we imagine regular Arc won’t hold back much l creative workload efficiency. Time will tell us!