Intel Q&A on Arc Graphics Cards

Intel answers questions about Arc graphics cards. The specifications of the upcoming devices are also presented. Intel has released a short document in which two company representatives answer questions about upcoming Arc graphics cards. More technical details on these devices are also given.

A while ago, Intel posted a video that was less than 6 minutes on YouTube. Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout answer the most frequently asked questions about Arc graphics cards. Charts with the official specifications of the A380, A580, A750 and A770 cards are also available on the website.

Arc graphics cards will be available in different performance tiers, just like processors. In this case, the 3 series will provide improved game perception, 4 – advanced and 7 – at the highest level. What are the exact technical details of these devices?

The most powerful cards will be the A750 and A770. They were equipped with 28 and 32 Xe cores respectively. Similar numbers apply to ray tracing units. The refresh rate A770 will be 2100 MHz, and A750 – 2050 MHz. The memory of the A750 card will reach a total of 8 GB, while the A770 will be available in 8 and 16 GB.

The other cards don’t look as impressive anymore, but still offer very good performance. The A580 card has 24 Xe cores and the A380 has 8 cores. These devices will be cheaper than earlier versions. We still don’t know the exact Intel Arc release date, but judging from the information made available, it’s closer than far.

Intel Arc Graphics Q&A – Desktop Graphics Specifications