Implementation of NEP 2020: stakeholders and value creation

Regarding faculty development, UGC has initiated steps such as FIPs, summer schools, refresher courses, orientation programs, workshops, etc. It is relevant to refer to the article entitled SMA: his understanding of education (GK 8e September 2022) by Professor Gull Mohammad Wani. He writes, “Some twenty-one college teachers have been delegated for M Phil/PhD at various universities including JNU around the country under the UGC Teachers Fellowship Program.” This indicates that the HED has been concerned with raising the benchmark score for college teachers.

Interestingly, Professor Mohammad Yousaf, then Principal of SP College, wrote a letter to the then Honorable Chief Minister expressing his concerns that the majority community was not being properly represented. The letter was personally presented by Prof. Ali Mohammad Bhat (Physics) to the Honorable Chief Minister in his office room at the Civil Secretariat in Srinagar.

Professor Bhat recounted that the letter was presented by him personally to the Honorable Chief Minister, but he was told that all communities were duly represented in the delegation of teachers outside the state. As a result, university professors including Prof. Ali Mohammad Bhat (Physics), Prof. Bansi Lal Fotehdhar (English) and others were delegated in 1979-80 for postgraduate studies leading to degrees of research. It is also interesting to note that all the teachers in the majority community came back with M Phil / Ph D degrees.

Previously, in 1976-1977, the Education Commissioner, Prof. Saty Bushan, recommended certain teachers to be delegated at regular intervals for their higher education out of state to please the Chief Minister. Professors like Saradara Akhter (Pol. Sc.), Mahmooda Bashir (Economics), Ghulam Rasool Najar (Pol. Sc.), Syed Wajahat Hassan Andrabi (Physics), Muzaffar Ahmad Khan (Botany), Abdul Hamid Zargar (Education) and others, all belonging to a particular community were recommended for deputation out of state for the pursuit of higher education. Professor Bushan accompanied the team and visited the private office of the Honorable Chief Minister.

He asked them to meet him at the civil secretariat in Srinagar for a group photo, says Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad Khan in a conversation with him on the subject.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that the then Honorable Prime Minister (SMA) in the early fifties delegated a good number of teachers, including Professor Mohammad Sultan Wantt, Professor MR Puri, the Prof. Jan Mohammad, Prof. Apurab Somnath, Prof. Shams-ud-Din Ahmad and others for postgraduate studies at major universities outside the country.

In addition, some teachers have been delegated to Leads University (UK) to pursue a Diploma in Education (Dip. Ed.). They included Prof. Ghulam Rasool Dhar, Prof. Noor-ud-Din, Prof. Abdul Aziz Bhat and others. This reflects the fact that the state government has always been interested in adding value to college teachers by delegating them for graduate studies and summer schools outside of J&K and out of the country.