Idexo Launches Free Soulbound Tokens and NFT Creation Software with Unlimited Smart Contracts and NFT Currencies on Multiple Blockchains

LONDON, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — idexo is pleased to announce the release of free Soulbound Token, NFT and Royalty NFT token creation software, allowing anyone to write and deploy an unlimited number of smart contracts and create an unlimited number of Unlimited NFT using a simple no-code SaaS tool.

How the system works:

  • Users create a free account forever on
  • Users can use the software to plan, draft and collaborate on setting up contracts using the tool. When they are ready to deploy and strike, they buy transaction credits.
  • Users purchase transaction credits usable for transactions on any integrated blockchain. Current blockchain integrations are Avalanche, BNBChain, Dogechain, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, and Solana, as well as Arweave and Filecoin for storage. More blockchains are coming soon. The Transaction Credits Starter Pack is only $25 for 50 credits.
  • The transaction credits system removes the need to acquire, store and manage the underlying gas tokens of the blockchain, making it easier to set up and run building and maintaining Web3 applications and NFTs.
  • Using transaction credits, users pay for the methods they need (eg deploying 3 capped NFT collections on Dogechain, or creating 100 SBTs on Avalanche).
  • With the credits in place, they can deploy an unlimited number of smart contracts (provided they have the credits) and create an unlimited number of NFTs.
  • In addition to the FREE SaaS tool, users can deploy contracts and create NFTs using the SDK/API and Zapier integration that connects over 5000 Web2 applications to Web3 via idexo.
  • After users deploy contracts, they see them in the smart contract organizer and individual transactions under the transaction history API in the software.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer these free tools to help users and businesses unlock their NFT and SBT innovations,” says Greg MarlinCEO/CTO, “We can confidently say that there is no easier or faster way to create key SBT and NFT use cases. Especially for traditional businesses, not having to source and managing blockchain gas tokens to begin with means a lot less friction in a corporate environment and in the long run having something that feels familiar to you like the email credits you get from an email provider creates comfort and predictability.”

The types of smart contracts a user can initiate with this tool are Capped and Uncapped Soulbound, NFT, and Royalty NFT Tokens. Soulbound tokens are NFTs that are non-transferable and unlock key use cases such as A, B, and C. Royalty NFTs have a fixed, discountable commission rate that is paid to a specified wallet address each time that a secondary sale transaction is made. This is particularly attractive for artists and event organizers, among others.


idexo envisions a world where decentralized applications pervade all industries across the $88 trillion/an the global economy as does the Internet.

idexo’s mission is to empower innovators to create these game-changing applications.

Company: Idexo
Last name: Greg Marlin
E-mail: [email protected]
Town: London
Country: UK
Telephone: +44 20 8089 1372

SOURCE idexo