How Blending Tea Influenced the Creation of Johnnie Walker Whiskey

To this day, Johnnie Walker pays homage to the founder’s roots as a tea blender in many ways: from cocktail recipes to informative experiments.

the Johnnie Walker The website features a green tea cocktail described as “sweetness with a soul.” It’s made with the company’s signature Johnnie Walker whiskey (red or black label, the recipe shares tasting notes on each so you can choose your own adventure), sweet green tea, and lemongrass.

Currently owned by parent company Diageo Brands, The Diageo Bar Academy offers an online course called Blending With Tea that promises to “spill the tea” on Johnnie Walker’s historical ties to the drink and the complexities of tea-infused cocktails.

And for true fans of the prestigious whiskey (or just anyone who lives in the area), the company offers a tour centered on the Johnnie Walker story. The tour includes a tour of Edinburgh’s Johnnie Walker Princes Street facilities, where enthusiasts can view artefacts, learn company history and hear tall tales – and enjoy a whiskey highball at Grocer’s Sensorium, a wink look at the environment that launched it. everything.

So if you want to celebrate John Walker’s journey from farm to tea blending to creating one of the world’s most recognizable brands of whiskey, Johnnie Walker has you covered.