Has Intel accidentally revealed pricing for its upcoming Arc graphics cards?

We’re probably still a few months away from seeing Intel’s line of discrete graphics cards officially hit the market, but that hasn’t stopped people speculating on their possible performance and retail prices. However, a curious Reddit user may have just spotted the prices of their upcoming Intel Arc GPUs thanks to Intel itself.

Intel had launched a “Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt” website in March this year, as part of their marketing for their graphics division. As the name suggests, this is a sort of treasure hunt where there will be 10 clues given out by Intel and their partners, and participants will need to put everything together and submit an answer for a chance to win their prizes. . Under their terms and conditions, they will start publishing the indices from the end of October to the end of January of next year.

As part of the prize pool, Intel will send one of its “premium” Intel Arc graphics cards, Intel Arc products and a six-month subscription for Xbox Game Pass for PC to 100 grand prize winners, with retail value total approximate indicated. from 900 USD. Doing some quick math, six months of Xbox Game Pass for PC will cost $ 60, while the included product could go anywhere from $ 40 to $ 60 at most, with the Intel Store listing an Intel Arc jersey for $ 53.65. This means that Intel’s high-end Arc graphics card could be sold around the 800 USD Mark.

Likewise, Intel will also be offering the more performance oriented Intel Arc graphics cards, Intel Arc products and a three month subscription for Xbox Game Pass for PC to 200 1st place winners with a total declared retail value of $ 700. . By removing the cost of the product and the Xbox Game Pass subscription, their performance graphics cards could be priced at around 630 USD. Unfortunately, if you are planning to join the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt on your own, you will be disappointed to learn that it is not open to Malaysians at this time.

Still, it’s intriguing to see Intel perhaps unwittingly allude to the retail price of its upcoming graphics cards. While those numbers seem a bit expensive at the moment, it’s worth pointing out that this is still speculation for now, without any official word from Intel. The performance of their graphics cards also remains to be seen, although based on early leaks they should be somewhere between the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 for the top tier premium GPU. According to Intel themselves, their Arc graphics cards are expected to debut in the first quarter of 2022.

If you can’t get your hands on Intel’s graphics cards when they launch, you can read more about what we know about them in the meantime, like Intel XeSS, Team Blue’s open source answer to the very own. DLSS technology from NVIDIA.

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