GTA 5 graphics mod might end up being better than GTA 6

The long-running visual enhancement mod NaturalVision has been enhanced once again so that the graphics in GTA 5 look even more impressive.

Thanks to an improved mod created by fans, Auto grand theft 5 graphics may end up being better than graphics in the future Grand Automatic Flight 6. Nine years after the release of GTA 5fans were thrilled to hear the official announcement that Grand Automatic Flight 6 is in development. As the release of the new installment in the series will come more than a decade after its predecessor, GTA 6 is tied to visual enhancements. Resolution in video games gets better with every year and every new generation console. A ten-year gap will likely show a shocking difference in visual improvements for fans.


Recognizing how much GTA 5 was received and recognized by its active gaming community, developer Rockstar Games has re-released a next-gen console version of the game called Grand Theft Auto 5 expanded and improved. This special edition was released in March of this year, and fans were quick to point out that this new version of GTA 5 did not include any new content. While the new edition didn’t live up to its “expanded” namesake, this version of the game has certainly been improved. GTA 5 extended and improved added new graphics modes with PS5 and Xbox Series S/X consoles in mind. The three new modes – Fidelity Mode, Performance Mode, and RT Performance Mode – brought 4K resolution to the game, dramatically improving its graphics. Now, to further enhance those graphics, fans can download a recently updated mod.

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As reported by GameSpotmodder Razed’s long-running visual enhancement mod NaturalVision has been enhanced once again so that the graphics of GTA 5 look even more remarkable. Improved graphics mods for GTA 5 are nothing new, but this overhauled mod features parallax roads, sidewalks, and building interiors, even those inaccessible to the player. GTA 5The natural landscapes of have also improved with the addition of a greater variety of vegetation and volumetric clouds. Lastly, the mod adds animated signs and is even compatible with the FiveM multiplayer mod.

GTA 5 Graphics Mod as a work in progress

Popular modder Razed developed the mod a few years ago and updated it over the years. Originally known as NaturalVision Remastered, the mod has continued to be revised over the years under its new name, NaturalVision Evolved. GTA 5The NaturalVision Evolved mod has improved the game’s graphics through a lighting system, ambient colors, tone mapping, world textures, building models, and more. Now with the recently added features, this mod really blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

This updated version of the mod is in early access beta but can be downloaded for free from the Razed Mods website. Although there is no known release date for GTA 6by Razed Auto grand theft 5 the graphics mod will likely give Rockstar developers a run for their money.

Source: GameSpot, Shaved/YouTube