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Created: Nov 01, 2021 08:00

While there are approximately 4.7 billion active Internet users worldwide, less than two-thirds of small businesses have a website.

It tells a story of missed opportunity, says Alex Wright in his new book, Every Word Counts: The Easy Way To Win More Customers Online.

The book is for owners or managers of small professional services businesses who may be great at what they do but don’t know where to start when it comes to building an online presence to reach potential clients.

Mr. Wright is known to many members of the Bermuda business community for having worked in the business office of The Royal Gazette between 2007 and 2011.

Full disclosure: I was his boss during this time.

Although he now works in his native UK as a freelance business and finance writer and journalist, the advice he gives in this book can be applied anywhere in the world.

Every word counts is written in a convenient and easy-to-follow style, allowing the book to be read directly or as a reference guide to refer to when needed. It aims to demystify the process of building a strong digital presence, taking a step-by-step, jargon-free approach.

Much of the world goes online through the internet that not having a website – or having a website with sloppy content or poor structure – “just wastes money on lost sales and business, ”Wright said.

He urges business people to think of their website as a virtual storefront and to do it the same way they would with physical space for walk-in customers.

It unlocks copywriter secrets on how to write and structure online content that will grab attention in the information blizzard on the World Wide Web.

He backs up his advice on writing technique and strategy by giving detailed examples of how this could be applied to different types of businesses.

He also deposits relevant and sometimes inspiring case studies from his own experience, and adds a summary box at the end of each chapter to reinforce key messages.

Areas covered include why you need online content, how to reach your target audience, the importance of a compelling headline, good tone and structure, getting noticed on social media, and why you need media to your side.

He ends the book with a chapter on how to improve your verbal communication.

In writing the 112-page book, Mr. Wright put into practice what he preaches – to get straight to the point. He regularly references his own blogs and website on relevant topics throughout the book.

If there’s one small criticism, it’s that reminders to Mr. Wright’s email address are a little too frequent.

For small businesses wondering how to build or improve their digital presence, Every word counts can be considered a valuable guide.

The book can be purchased in digital or paperback format from Amazon’s website at

Jonathan Kent, Freelance Business Writer and Writer, is the former Associate Editor and Editor-in-Chief of The Royal Gazette.

Alex Wright, former business journalist at The Royal Gazette, is the author of Every Word Counts: The Easy Way to Win More Customers Online

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