Enjoy author Alexis Bolton’s clever and entertaining creation, the ‘Picture Riddles’ series

Versatile author from Arizona, Alexis Bolton radiates a creative and entertaining aura through the recently released book series, “Picture Riddles.”

As a reader, I’m always looking for new kinds of books that can satisfy a new concept, idea, or intriguing writing. talented author Alexis Bolton is currently my favorite due to its latest post Riddles in pictures. The author has masterfully created this series of books to provide readers with a great amount of entertainment through puzzles made using pictures and drawings. There are letter sounds, word clues, and many other things incorporated into the book along with equations that can lead to a final answer. I felt truly amazing solving these puzzles as there is a sense of accomplishment and also provides a powerful dose of fun and invigoration. I love how Alexis has gradually increased the difficulty level of the puzzles through each release in the series, namely Picture Riddles, Picture Riddles 2, and finally Picture Riddles 3.

‘Riddles in pictures’ by Alexis Bolton

The progression in these books is done in such a way that if a reader finishes book 1, he will definitely like to move on to the next book, just like me. The first Picture Riddles book was released on December 15 followed by Picture Riddles 2 which was released on December 29 with more complex puzzles. Finally, Picture Riddles 3 was released this year, which is the end of the trilogy. I really like this book even though it doesn’t contain any stories or poetry. The goal of Riddles in pictures is to provide readers with a fun way to sharpen their analytical skills through picture-based puzzles. It is currently available on Amazon for purchase. To follow Alexis Bolton on the official Website find out more.

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