Dublin Bricks just unveiled their latest creation, available for purchase for the Lego lover in your life

Only in Ireland could you create an instantly recognizable Lego sculpture of the President.

Unless you’ve lived under a Lego-shaped boulder, you’re probably familiar with Dublin Bricks, the project of Dublin designer Gianni who sees him recreate beloved pubs and landmarks using the small blocks. His amazingly detailed Lego artwork has paid homage to Grogans, Kehoes and Lord Edward to name a few, and has captured the hearts of Irish people everywhere over the past year or so.

Either way, nearly two years after the country fell in love with the Dublin Bricks, they’re back with an iconic new Lego set, just in time for Christmas.

Gianni only went to capture Miggeldy, Bród and Misneach doing what they do best – frolic in the park of Áras an Uachtaráin. It obviously helps that Michael D and his two beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs are so iconic and identifiable, but this brick-based tribute is really impressive all the same.

If there is a lego enthusiast in your life, you might be intrigued to know that you can order this set now from the Dublin Bricks WEBSITE, along with “Micro-Grogans”, “Micro-Kehoes” and many more. others. The perfect gift for someone living away from home who is missing those iconic Irish landmarks and figures. Let’s be honest with ourselves, who wouldn’t want a mini Miggeldy on their fireplace?

Header image via Instagram / dublinbricks

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