Computer Graphics Innovator Paul Debevec to Receive Lifetime Achievement Emmy – The Hollywood Reporter

Computer graphics and virtual production innovator Paul E. Debevec will receive the Charles F. Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award at the 74th Annual Television Academy Engineering, Science and Technology Emmy Awards .

Also at the September 28 ceremony, camera maker ARRI will receive the Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Award, and seven innovations will be honored with Engineering Emmys.

The Engineering Emmys will be awarded to developments in areas such as virtual production, remote collaboration and audio. This includes Industrial Light & Magic for its StageCraft virtual production tools, which have been used on series such as The Mandalorian.

Sohonet will receive an Engineering Emmy for its ClearView Pivot remote collaboration tool. Additional winners are Disguise Systems, for the disguise platform that enables interaction between CG and practical elements and environments, including use with LED walls; Geoffrey Crawshaw and William Brinkley, for Leostream remote access software; Shure for the Axien digital wireless audio system; and Stype Cajic, Andrija Cajic, Daniel Kruselj and Ivica Antolkovic for Stype camera tracking tools.

Debevec is recognized for his work in high dynamic range imaging, image-based lighting, and photogrammetry – all techniques used in computer graphics for visual effects and virtual production. “Debevec’s pioneering work allows light to be recorded and reproduced from real scenes to illuminate virtual scenes and vice versa,” reads Thursday’s announcement from the Television Academy. “HDR imaging is a mainstay of computer graphics and, combined with image-based lighting, has enabled realistic integration of existing live lighting into computer-rendered images. These tools and concepts are now a standard in the visual effects industry for rendering.

The announcement further states that his work with LED lighting “laid the foundation” for its use in virtual production, “which has seen rapid growth as a tool for lighting actors on virtual stages.”

He is currently the Director of Research, Creative Algorithms and Technology at Netflix, and is an Adjunct Research Professor at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

Munich-headquartered ARRI is renowned for more than a century of designing and manufacturing cameras, including its Alexa digital cinematography line, lenses, lighting systems and other production tools. . ARRI Rental services and equipment provide camera, lighting and grip packages to professional productions here and abroad.

“Earlier this year, the Academy formed the Science and Technology Peer Group representing members involved in strategy and development of technologies that enable or advance the storytelling process for the television industry,” said committee chair John Leverence. “Led by new peer group governors and co-chairs Wendy Aylsworth and Barry Zegel, this year’s new Engineering Emmy Awards panel recognizes a wide range of innovative solutions to once seemingly intractable engineering problems:

Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal minds) will host the ceremony on September 28.