Class roster software adds teacher resources to website

Class Composer, a Boulder, Colorado-based software company, recently added a blog to its website. Class composer offers teachers the opportunity to create fair and equitable classrooms while taking into account the needs of all students.

The blog will contain tips on mindset and productivity and how to leverage the concepts that drove the creation of Class Composer software. The software’s co-founder, Mike Cronley, notes that “my goal was to create positive learning environments where elementary teachers can better meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of their students.”

Cronley went on to describe many of the issues educators face with tasks such as creating class rosters. For example, many educators still use blue and pink paper cards or sticky notes to manage student grouping. Although these methods have been used in the past, Cronley points out the inefficiencies of these methods. These methods become problematic if changes need to be made to the class grouping or if educators need to reference this data at a later date.

Cronley also points out that while Class Composer isn’t the only software for teachers to group students into classes, there are certain features that separate Class Composer from its competitors.

Cronley outlines some basic questions educators should ask themselves before purchasing software for their school. Class roster software should be able to provide a holistic view of all data associated with a student as well as the data silos being created. Another feature that educators should look for in software is ease of use.

“The software should be intuitive and not require a lot of in-depth training,” comments Cronley. Additionally, educators should be able to compare student data and gain meaningful insights to address the needs of students who require additional support, such as MTSS and RTI.

For more information on Class Composer, interested parties are encouraged to try the sandbox free for 14 days. During this trial period, users can experience how the software can streamline their class listing process.


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